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Basic Information
Generic Name Guanfacine  vs 4.8% ADHD Medications have guanfacine
Class Antiadrenergic Agents, Centrally Acting  vs 9.5% ADHD Medications have Antiadrenergic agents centrally acting
Prescription Generic Available No  vs 33.3% ADHD Medications don't have Prescription Generic Available
Pregnancy cat. B(US)   vs 4.8% ADHD Medications have B(US)
Approved Age 6 And Older  vs 85.7% ADHD Medications have 6 and older
Excretion Renal  vs 15.8% ADHD Medications have Renal
Possible Side Effects Sleepiness, Headache, Fatigue, Abdominal Pain. Rarely, Intuniv Can Cause Low Blood Pressure And Heart Rhythm Changes. 
Dosage, Usage and Forms
Routes (of administration) Oral 
Dosage 1–4 Mg Daily (do Not Increase Faster Than 1 Mg/wk) 
Maximum daily dose
4 mg (26.6 mg lower than average)
30.60 mg

Duration Long-acting  vs 52.4% ADHD Medications have Long-acting
Duration - time 24 h  vs 14.3% ADHD Medications have 24
Chemical Data
Molecular mass (g/mol) 246.093 G/mol 
Half Life 14.8-18.3 Hours 
Formula C9h9cl2n3o 
80-100%  (50.25 higher than average)

Protein binding
70 % (48.25 % higher than average)
21.75 %

Metabolism Hepatic 

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