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Dexedrine Spansule

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Dexedrine Spansule VS
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Basic Information
Generic Name Dextroamphetamine  vs 14.3% ADHD Medications have dextroamphetamine
Class Cns Stimulants  vs 85.7% ADHD Medications have CNS Stimulants
Prescription Generic Available Yes  vs 61.9% ADHD Medications have Prescription Generic Available
Pregnancy cat. C(US)   vs 85.7% ADHD Medications have C(US)
Approved Age 6 And Older  vs 85.7% ADHD Medications have 6 and older
Legal Status Schedule Ii (us) 
Dependence Liability High  vs 76.5% ADHD Medications have High
Excretion Urinary  vs 68.4% ADHD Medications have urinary
Possible Side Effects Some Loss Of Appetite, Weight Loss, Sleep Problems, Irritability, Tics. 
Dosage, Usage and Forms
Routes (of administration) Oral 
Dosage 5 Mg Q Am–20 Mg Bid 
Maximum daily dose
20 mg (10.6 mg lower than average)
30.60 mg

Duration Long-acting  vs 52.4% ADHD Medications have Long-acting
Duration - time 10-14 H  vs 9.5% ADHD Medications have 10-14 h
Chemical Data
Molecular mass (g/mol) 135.21 G/mol 
Half Life 10-12 Hours 
Formula C9H13N  
Bioavailability 75% (oral) 
Protein binding
15 % (6.75 % lower than average)
21.75 %

Metabolism Hepatic 

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